Scientists Fight To Save Human History From Climate Threat

For decades, Scientists have been warning global leaders about the disastrous effects of climate change for humanity. Now in order to preserve ancient human history from destruction, scientists are preparing to preserve it from the changing climate. 

Jamestown Sets The Course

Archaeologists have been working to preserve the very first British colonies in the United States, setting the stage for saving ancient history from collapse. Jamestown, where  first permanent English settlements took place in North America, has been a site of interest to prepare it against an enemy far more dangerous than the colonizers. Michael Lavin, a Senior Conservator for the Jamestown, said that such ancient sites are at constant risk of climate catastrophes.

Climate Threats

Rising sea levels, wildfires and floods have constantly been threatening human civilization as was the case in the recent events in Pakistan. According to certain estimates, sea levels are expected to rise by a meter by 2100, 20 percent faster than the previous ice age.

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