Japanese Ship Sunk By US In WW2 Discovered After 80 Years

Wreckage of the Japanese ship that sank during World War 2 has been discovered. The ship named SS Montevideo Maru was hit by torpedoes launched by the US submarine near the coast of Philippines on first of July, 1942. The US submarine was unaware of the fact the ship was carrying Australian prisoners of war.

More Than 1,000 Drowned

The discovery was made by an Australian non-profit Silentworld Foundation and other deep sea specialists. According to certain estimates, more than 1,000 people died including 979 Australians, mostly prisoners, 33 Norwegian sailors and 20 Japanese guards and crew members. 

Worst Maritime Disaster

Till this day, the tragedy was considered to be the biggest maritime disaster for the Australian government. The tragedy involved the biggest Australian loss of life in the entire Australian maritime history, the Australian defense minister Richar Marles said. Silentworld said the wreckage of the ship will not be disturbed and the human remains will not be removed by saying that “it’s a war grave now”.

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