April 15, 2023

Flood Drowns Thousands Of Acres In California

Thousands of acres of land is still underwater in the Central Valley of California. Residents are preparing for melting ice in Sierra Nevada that could prove to be a disaster for people. Water has submerged roads, crop fields, homes and buildings, according to the residents.

Japan PM Evacuated After Suspect Throws Bomb

The Japanese Minister was evacuated immediately after a young man threw a gas bomb at him. The suspect was arrested on the spot by the Police and detained for trial and questioning. The incident took place in Wakayama where the Japanese PM was expected to deliver a speech for his campaign.

Tunisian Footballer Dies After Setting Himself On Fire

Tunisian football player Nizar Issaoui, 35, died from burns suffered after setting himself alight as a protest against “police injustice”, his family said on Friday. Issaoui, a former player for top-flight side US Monastir and a father of four, published a video on Facebook in which he said the reason for his protest was being falsely accused of terrorism, after he had a minor dispute with a fruit seller.