Flood Drowns Thousands Of Acres In California

Thousands of acres of land is still underwater in the Central Valley of California. Residents are preparing for melting ice in Sierra Nevada that could prove to be a disaster for people. Water has submerged roads, crop fields, homes and buildings, according to the residents.

Crops Are Flooded

A pacific storm that brought heavy rains and snow has caused enough damage to the region. The precipitation and strong winds reached record levels for months, in the region that was already waterlogged from 12 atmospheric rivers in March. The recent floods are due to high amounts of rain, and the melting snow is a ticking bomb that can further worsen the situation, resident Martina Sealy said.

Ground Sunk By 15 Feet

According to a climate scientist at the University of California, Daniel Swain some regions are sunk by 10-15 feet underwater. The region wasn’t prone to such events in the past, but the last 2 decades has literally submerged towns which used to be 10 feet higher from the ground, one of the residents said. 

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