April 13, 2023

FBI Arrests Suspect That Leaked Top Secret Documents

The FBI issued a statement announcing the arrest of Jack Douglas Teixeira, aged 21, for his suspected role in the unauthorized disclosure of intelligence documents. The Pentagon and the Justice department initiated a criminal investigation into the leaks within days as they couldn’t believe how the secret documents were leaked.

Study Says AI Can Identify Alzheimer’s Through Speech

AI has been gradually integrated in every field of science, particularly in the medical field where scientists are using it to know malfunctions before it even occurs. According to the latest research, medical professionals are testing AI to identify signs of Alzheimer’s through speech patterns that are not recognized by family members or even physicians.

Top Secret Leaked Documents Show US Spied On UN Chief

The latest leaked documents have been embarrassing for the US on all fronts. From bad image in Ukraine to spying on key allies, now the documents reveal that the UN chief has been under inspection by the US for being soft on Russian. The highly classified documents indicate that the US has been spying on the UN chief to see if he was safeguarding Russian interests.