Top Secret Leaked Documents Show US Spied On UN Chief

The latest leaked documents have been embarrassing for the US on all fronts. From bad image in Ukraine to spying on key allies, now the documents reveal that the UN chief António Guterres has been under inspection by the US for being soft on Russian. The highly classified documents indicate that the US has been spying on the UN chief to see if he was safeguarding Russian interests.

Black Sea Grain Deal

Numerous papers detail confidential conversations between Mr. Guterres and his assistant. The leaked documents also reveal Mr. Guterres’s own personal views of the ongoing war in Ukraine. Among the papers is one that centers on the UN and Turkey’s Black Sea grain agreement in July, which was arranged due to concerns over a potential global food shortage. 

What Are The Leaked Documents?

Some hundreds of highly classified documents were leaked, putting the Pentagon at the center of everything, in recent days. The photos of the documents were first leaked to a social media app called Discord where it circulated without being detected for days. The CIA Director William Burns termed the leaks as  “deeply unfortunate”.

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