April 7, 2023

Europeans Were Using Drugs 3,000 Years Ago, Study Finds

Scientists have discovered overwhelming evidence of ancient Europeans using drugs in Spain. The evidence which the scientists have collected reveals that people used to indulge in the hallucinogenic drugs around 3,000 years ago. The researchers were able to collect hair from burial sites on one of the islands in Spain, called Menorca. 

James Webb Telescope Reveals Stunning Image Of Uranus

For the very first time, the James Webb Telescope has revealed an astonishing image of Uranus. This is the first ever image that shows such details of the ring system that surrounds the ice giant. The image clearly shows 11 out of 13 bright rings of the seventh planet of our solar system, with some of its moons shining around it.

India Says It Trusts ‘AI’ And Refuses To Regulate

India has stunned the world by deciding not to regulate AI. While the world is worried about the dangers of this new highly revolutionary technology, the Indian government has refused to regulate AI. In March, more than 500 experts belonging to different walks of life urged the closure of the AI labs which poses a significant threat to humanity.