India Says It Trusts ‘AI’ And Refuses To Regulate

India has stunned the world by deciding not to regulate AI. While the world is worried about the dangers of this new highly revolutionary technology, the Indian government has refused to regulate AI. In March, more than 500 experts belonging to different walks of life urged the closure of the AI labs which poses a significant threat to humanity.

Hands Off AI Regulation

The Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology refused to interfere in the developments in the AI sector, by referring to the AI as “kinetic enabler of the digital economy”. The ministry acknowledged the risks associated with artificial intelligence but didn’t raise the same level of alarm as the US and other European countries.

AI Threatening Humanity?

AI has been criticized because of different reasons, some of them so unrealistic that experts are hesitant to adopt them. The biggest concern is the loss of human control over the technology and the transfer of human capabilities to AI that can have devastating consequences. Some experts believe that it can’t happen as the human brain can’t be replaced by AI technology. 

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