Europeans Were Using Drugs 3,000 Years Ago, Study Finds

Scientists have discovered overwhelming evidence of ancient Europeans using drugs in Spain. The evidence which the scientists have collected reveals that people used to indulge in the hallucinogenic drugs around 3,000 years ago. The researchers were able to collect hair from burial sites on one of the islands in Spain, called Menorca. 

Evidence That The Researchers Found

Europeans Used Strong Substances

The researchers found human activity and other strong substances that can have significant effects on the human brain near the mediterranean sea. Scientists said that the discovered caves might have been used for rituals that involved the consumption of such substances. Shamans, who were skilled at managing the effects of these plant drugs, may have been responsible for conducting these rituals.

Scientists Were Able To Extract Sample Of Drugs From The Hair

Evidence Found

Researchers analyzed the red  locks, which they found inside the caves and are believed to be used in the rituals they used to perform. Scientists found atropine, scopolamine and ephedrine, substances which are primarily known for its strong hallucinative effects. The evidence suggests that it is the earliest concrete proof of Europeans consuming hallucinogenic drugs, the researchers said.

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