James Webb Telescope Reveals Stunning Image Of Uranus

For the very first time, the James Webb Telescope has revealed an astonishing image of Uranus. This is the first ever image that shows such details of the ring system that surrounds the ice giant. The image clearly shows 11 out of 13 bright rings of the seventh planet of our solar system, with some of its moons shining around it.

Only Third Image Of Uranus Rings

In the past, Only two other astronomical observations, Voyager 2 spacecraft in 1986 and Keck Observatory’s advanced adaptive optics, have caught a glimpse of the faint rings. A recently released Uranus image displays 11 out of the 13 identified rings, a few of which merge due to their intense brightness. The previous imagery wasn’t in so much detail as scientists couldn’t detect such remarkable features.

Image Caught Six Moons

During JWST’s observation of the ice giant, it was able to capture six of Uranus’ 27 confirmed moons. These six moons are the most luminous among the group, as the other moons are too dim to be visible within a 12-minute exposure.

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