April 6, 2023

Honesty Makes You Physically More Attractive, Study Shows

An interesting experiment has revealed a fascinating link between honesty and physical attractiveness. In a list of four experiments, researchers were able to conclude that people find the faces of honest individuals as more attractive, regardless of their gender or clothing.

Japanese Black Hawk Helicopter Crashed In Ocean

A Japanese black hawk helicopter was reported missing after it disappeared from the radar, carrying ten people. The helicopter is reported to have crashed in the sea, north of Miyako island, where the helicopter was patrolling the waters. After a search and rescue operation, the Japanese military spotted parts of the helicopter floating in the ocean.

LGBT Youtubers Arrested In Russia Over Propaganda

Russian authorities have arrested a gay couple accusing them of breaking the Russian propaganda law. The multinational couple has been sharing videos on Youtube and TikTok about their experience as a same-sex couple. Both the bloggers have been facing death threats for some time due to which they had to hide their identities for some time.