LGBT Youtubers Arrested In Russia Over Propaganda

Russian authorities have arrested a gay couple accusing them of breaking the Russian propaganda law. The multinational couple has been sharing videos on Youtube and TikTok about their experience as a same-sex couple. Both the bloggers have been facing death threats for some time due to which they had to hide their identities for some time.

Fine Or Time In Jail

The social media blogging couple, Haoyang Xu and Gela Gogishvili, could face a fine of £501 or spend some time in jail, according to their lawyer. Gogishvili from Georgia, was released after some time but Xu still remains in custody. According to the police, Xu was not carrying his passport when he was asked for it during a regular ID check.

Russian Gay Propaganda Law

The gay propaganda bill was signed into Russian law by President Putin in 2022, which restricts same-sex material as propaganda against traditional Russian values. The law forbids homosexual relationships or any sort of material on social media, internet and advertisements.

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