March 26, 2023

Nutrition Expert Suggests Healthier Fast Food

A healthier fast food? We have never heard of it in our lives but Luanne Hughes, a professor and nutritionist, has a unique way of looking at it. Professor Hughes disagrees with the conventional wisdom that fast foods are a set of foods that must be avoided, but rather a mindset. It’s the mindset that makes the food healthy or unhealthy.

Revolutionary VR Simulation Offers Near Death Experience

Humans have always been fascinated by questions that are related to death and afterlife. Science and other means of discoveries have not yet responded with optimism or denial. A virtual reality stimulator in Australia is aiming to offer people with similar experience, letting people experience the frightening events of death.

Oil Companies Must Be Charged With Homicide, Experts Say

Legal experts have suggested charging the fossil fuel companies of Homicide for causing severe and irreversible damage to the environment. While some may think it’s a little extreme, the lead authors of the new study suggest that large oil companies must be charged with homicide for putting the entire humanity at risk.