Revolutionary VR Simulation Offers Near Death Experience

Humans have always been fascinated by questions that are related to death and afterlife. Science and other means of discoveries have not yet responded with optimism or denial. A virtual reality stimulator in Australia is aiming to offer people with similar experience, letting people experience the frightening events of death.

Extended Reality Or XR

Melbourne, Australia is now home to a new VR simulation that seeks to give individuals a taste of what it may feel like to die. The simulation is part of an exhibit called “Passing Electrical Storms” by Shaun Gladwell, which is featured in the Melbourne Now event held at the National Gallery of Victoria. Gladwell has developed an “extended reality” (XR) experience that is described as both calming and unnerving. 

Life Changing Experience

Near death experiences are thought to have changed lives of those who have experienced virtual deaths, as previous studies have shown. People feel their souls leaving their bodies and thinking of all the things they wished to have done in life, but in reality, it’s a virtual death. 

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