Oil Companies Must Be Charged With Homicide, Experts Say

Legal experts have suggested charging the fossil fuel companies of Homicide for causing severe and irreversible damage to the environment. While some may think it’s a little extreme, the lead authors of the new study suggest that large oil companies must be charged with homicide for putting the entire humanity at risk.

Climate Change, A Murder?

World’s biggest oil companies are not ignorant of the fact that they are the primary culprits behind global environmental degradation. Wildfires and extreme heat waves killed thousands of people in France and Spain within a span of a few months. Donald Braman and David Arkush, the authors of the study, laid down the case to charge the companies with murder.

Oil Companies Argue Back

Oil giants have not been held accountable for extreme weather events and severe threats to animal biodiversity. Oil giants like, in response, have responded by saying that curbing overall fossil fuels will lead to greater harm in the form of poverty. However, charging the oil companies with homicide is still challenging, but not impossible, authors argue.

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