Nutrition Expert Suggests Healthier Fast Food

A healthier fast food? We have never heard of it in our lives but Luanne Hughes, a professor and nutritionist, has a unique way of looking at it. Professor Hughes disagrees with the conventional wisdom that fast foods are a set of foods that must be avoided, but rather a mindset. It’s the mindset that makes the food healthy or unhealthy.

Choice Is What Matters

Hughes suggests looking for a blend of both the traditional fast foods and a restaurant food where one would sit down and eat. What we eat always comes with a set of presuppositions where we tend to demonize and segregate fast foods from the healthier foods. It’s not about what we eat that matters, it’s about what choices we make even if we are eating healthy or unhealthy food, she says.

Food Preparation Matters

The important thing that Professor Hughes talks about is looking at how the food is prepared rather than judging it based on how it looks. A fried chicken is not necessarily healthier than a burger, because the fried chicken has tonnes of saturated fat, which makes the burger a better choice. How the food is prepared matters the most, because that’s how we calculate the calories. 

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