Joe Biden To Sign Executive Order To Strengthen Gun Control

US President Joe Biden is set to sign an executive order to increase the number of background checks to strengthen gun control. Although the majority of US citizens have consistently urged policymakers to curb gun violence, the legislation is unlikely to take place. The executive order will increase checks before firearms are sold.

Background Checks

The executive order that will be signed by the President will make sure buyers and sellers have a clean background before the transactions. According to a senior official, the Federal Trade Commission will be asked to file a report on how manufacturers target civilians, especially minors. It also aims to strengthen the shipment process and raise public awareness about “red flag” laws.

America’s Epidemic Of Mass Shootings

Gun Control advocates appreciated the move as the country is severely plunged into increasing gun violence. In 2023, the United States crossed a troubling threshold of 100 incidents of mass shootings, highlighting the severe consequences of the lack of action by lawmakers in both the federal and state governments.

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