Cheetahs Are Back In India After 70 Years Of Extinction

After seven decades of extinction, the wild African cheetahs are back in India. The Indian government brought eight cheetahs last year to populate the endangered species in the country. The animal was declared extinct in 1952 after it vanished from the country in 1947.

The Big day

It was a big day when the two African cheetahs were finally released into the wild. The cheetahs will take some time to adapt to the new environment because of competition for prey as the national park is home to other predators too. In September of last year, eight cheetahs, including Obaan and Asha, were transported to India following a 2020 ruling by the country’s highest court mandating the experimental reintroduction of the species.

Only 7,000 Remain In Africa

The population of Cheetahs has drastically decreased in the last few decades with only 7,000 remaining in African savannahs. They are the oldest cat species with a recorded history of more than 8 million years. They have already gone extinct in some Middle East and Asian countries. 

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