March 2, 2023

Scientists Uncover Secret Corridor In Pyramid Of Giza

The Egyptian Pyramids of Giza are one of the biggest mysteries that scientists have been trying to solve. The 4,500 years old pyramids mark the greatness of Egyptian civilization and were the world’s first tallest objects on record. While uncovering the mystery of the Pyramids, scientists have uncovered a secret nine meters long corridor hinting at something remarkable. 

Man Arrested For Carrying Bomb In Luggage At US Airport

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has arrested a man carrying an explosive device to a Pennsylvania airport. The 40-year-old Mark Muffley was arrested the day after the explosive device was spotted in his luggage. He was about to take his flight to Orlando but fled the scene when his name was called over via a loudspeaker. 

Starbucks Fired Six Workers In Newyork Over Union

Starbucks fired six of its workers over participating in Union activities. Starbucks was accused of breaking federal labor law by firing its employees. The federal administrative law judge ordered the coffee brand to rehire the individuals and mitigate the loss they have faced. Starbucks responded to the remarks by saying that its actions were in line with policies.