Starbucks Fired Six Workers In Newyork Over Union

Starbucks fired six of its workers over participating in Union activities. Starbucks was accused of breaking federal labor law by firing its employees. The federal administrative law judge ordered the coffee brand to rehire the individuals and mitigate the loss they have faced. Starbucks responded to the remarks by saying that its actions were in line with policies.

Starbucks Against Unions

The US National Labor Relations Board said that Starbuck’s decision to fire its employees on unionization is illegal and goes against the “fundamental rights” of employees. Starbucks has been critical of its employee’s decision to join unions last year. Starbucks fired around 85 individuals prior to August 2022, for organizing unions. Joselyn Chuquillanqui spent seven years at Starbucks but was fired because she was just a few minutes late for her morning shift.

Starbucks Rejects Any Mistreatment

On the other hand, the coffee chain responded that the individuals violated Starbucks’ policies, something which they had said earlier too. It claimed that it respects the fundamental worker’s right to protest.

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