Man Arrested For Carrying Bomb In Luggage At US Airport

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has arrested a man carrying an explosive device to a Pennsylvania airport. The 40-year-old Mark Muffley was arrested the day after the explosive device was spotted in his luggage. He was about to take his flight to Orlando but fled the scene when his name was called over via a loudspeaker. 

3 Inch Device

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) noticed suspicious material after which they called the FBI specialists including a bomb technician to investigate the device. They found fuses, explosive powder, a butane can, a wireless drill with batteries, a lighter, and two circuit breakers taped with each other. The 3-inch device was defused without taking much time. 

The Suspect Fled The Scene

The suspect fled the airport after the FBI specialists discovered the explosive material inside his luggage. He was traced back to his home one day after the incident. Mark is currently charged with possession of explosive material and attempting to place a bomb device on a passenger airplane.

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