February 15, 2023

US Fighter Jets Intercept Russian Bomber Over Alaska

Several Russian military aircrafts were intercepted by NORAD jets over Alaska. A total of four Russian aircrafts including a fighter jet and a bomber were flying over the international air space over Alaska, when they were diverted back to the Russian air space.

Fall Asleep In 2 Minutes With This Military Technique

Falling asleep may become a nightmare for many as they turn around in their beds trying hard to fall asleep. People try multiple ways or even drugs to overcome sleep deprivation. But here is the good news, this popular military method will help anyone fall asleep within minutes.

Elon Musk Looking For New Twitter CEO

The news may have come as a surprise to many, but surprisingly, the twitter CEO Elon Musk has said it himself. He talked about his retirement as twitter CEO by the end of this year. He just recently took over the social media giant and has already started looking for someone to look after the platform when he retires in late 2023.