February 12, 2023

Study Shows Bad Oral Health Causes Brain Damage

Who would have thought that maintaining oral health that hardly takes 5 minutes, could have such phenomenal effects on our overall body. We typically link oral hygiene with how our teeth appear to audiences not knowing there’s a hidden dimension to it. A recent report mentioned that bad oral health can have negative effects on the brain.

Qatar Sending 10,000 Container Homes To Turkey & Syria

Qatar has dispatched world cup home containers to earthquake victims of Turkey and Syria. The container homes were designed for last year’s world cup fans. According to the foreign office statement, the containers will be sent as part of current ongoing relief efforts in the country. 

US Military Closed Down Air Space Over Montana

The US military temporarily closed down the airspace over Montana. The closure came as the US military radar identified something threatening. A fighter jet was sent to investigate the aerial object but couldn’t find anything in the air. The air space was opened for commercial airlines after the brief closure.