February 11, 2023

Space Expert Says Mars Colonization Is Impossible

To scientists, the Mars venture has become what the New World was to Europeans 600 years ago. For decades scientists have been planning out strategies to build permanent human colonies on Mars. But the opponents of colonizing Mars have a point too. A Greek American space expert, Dr Stamatios Krimigis has said that colonizing Mars is almost impossible, at least for the next 200 years.

China To Boost Nuclear Warheads To 900 by 2035

The Chinese government has been increasing its nuclear stockpile to 900 in the next 13 years. As the tensions with the United States continue to escalate, China is setting its eyes on the nearby Taiwan island, according to Japanese non-profit news agency, Kyodo News. The US military analysts hinted last year that China is increasing its nuclear warheads.

World War 2 Bomb Detonated In UK Town

A WWII era bomb exploded in the United Kingdom’s town of Great Yarmouth. The 250kg bomb exploded unexpectedly, the police said. Army specialists and the police department were working to diffuse the bomb when it was first discovered on Tuesday.