China To Boost Nuclear Warheads To 900 by 2035

The Chinese government has been increasing its nuclear stockpile to 900 in the next 13 years. As the tensions with the United States continue to escalate, China is setting its eyes on the nearby Taiwan island, according to Japanese non-profit news agency, Kyodo News. The US military analysts hinted last year that China is increasing its nuclear warheads.

Things Are Heating Up

The news emerged amid serious tensions between Russia and China on one side and NATO and the EU on the other hand. Taiwan has become a flashpoint in the Asia-Pacific region. The recent Chinese spy balloon, shot by the US military, intensified the relations further. The US has been focusing more on the region as China has continuously been threatening Taiwan. 

War With China in 2025

A week ago, the US General hinted at a possible US-China war in 2025. Gen Mike Minihan, the head of the US Air Mobility Command (AMC) said that China will likely invade Taiwan in the coming 3 years. “I hope I am wrong”, Gen Mike Minihan said.

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