Space Expert Says Mars Colonization Is Impossible

To scientists, the Mars venture has become what the New World was to Europeans 600 years ago. For decades scientists have been planning out strategies to build permanent human colonies on Mars. But the opponents of colonizing Mars have a point too. A Greek American space expert, Dr Stamatios Krimigis has said that colonizing Mars is almost impossible, at least for the next 200 years.

Colonization, Certainly Not

With regards to temporary Mars missions, Dr Sramatois said that they have been possible since humans are able to reach and spend some time on Mars, but “Colonization, Certainly Not”. In an interview with the Greek Antenna TV, he said Elon Musk has no idea about the difficulties in materializing such a venture.

Dr Stamatios Krimigis has contributed to many of the US unmanned space exploration programs of the Solar System

A Distant Dream

The space expert expressed the same views in 2022 when he considered Mars colonization “A Distant Dream”. In a recent interview, he said that the dream to colonize Mars will take at least 200 years. “It will not be so in Elon Musk’s era,” he said.

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