World War 2 Bomb Detonated In UK Town

A WWII era bomb exploded in the United Kingdom’s town of Great Yarmouth. The 250kg bomb exploded unexpectedly, the police said. Army specialists and the police department were working to diffuse the bomb when it was first discovered on Tuesday. 

Bomb’s Discovery

The unexploded bomb was discovered by a contractor working near the River Yare located in the English county of Norfolk. The bomb site was covered with sand barriers around the bomb to reduce the risk of detonation to nearby people. The bomb was around 1 meter long and weighed around 250kg. People living nearby were evacuated to safer places as the army tried to cordon the area to about 400 meters. The specialist tried to defuse the bomb by cutting it to let the explosives burn slowly.

A 400-metre Cordon Around The Bomb

No Injuries

The police reported that luckily no one was injured. The bomb could have caused more damage if it was not for the army and police specialists to reduce its impact by cutting it. Although a number of car windows were broken including some damage to the flood wall.

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