February 10, 2023

Research Shows Moon Dust Can Reduce Global Warming

Global warming has increasingly become realized to be a global issue in the last few decades. Different mechanisms have been developed to counter the phenomenon. An interesting new study found that global warming can be reduced by firing moon dust into space. The moon dust could solve the problem of continuous temperature rise.

Taiwan President To Donate One Month Salary To Turkey

As the aid pours in Turkey after two devastating earthquakes that destroyed thousands of houses, the Taiwan’s president and the vice president are set to donate one month of their salary to Turkey. Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen and the Vice President William Lai each will donate one month of their salary as aid to Turkey.

Donald Trump Is Back On Facebook And Instagram

The Former President’s Facebook and Instagram has been restored, after 2 years of ban. Donald Trump was banned after the capitol riots for which he was accused. He was accused of breaking the rules for inciting the public to prompt unrest and “violence at the Capitol”.