Taiwan President To Donate One Month Salary To Turkey

As the aid pours in Turkey after two devastating earthquakes that destroyed thousands of houses, the Taiwan’s president and the vice president are set to donate one month of their salary to Turkey. Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen and the Vice President William Lai each will donate one month of their salary as aid to Turkey.

Taiwan Stands With Türkiye!

Although Turkey had not established any diplomatic ties with Taiwan, the self-ruled island has an embassy in Turkey and vice versa. Taiwan President Tsai visited the Turkish embassy and offered condolences by writing “Taiwan Stands with Türkiye!” according to her office. The president’s $13,300 salary will go to Turkey as aid, the president’s office mentioned.

Aid And Rescue Teams

Taiwan had announced $2 million in disaster and relief along with two rescue teams to help the Turkish authorities in the time of need. In 1999, when a powerful earthquake struck Taiwan, Turkey dispatched rescue teams and provided aid to the self-ruled island. 

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