February 9, 2023

Scientists Grew Human Intestines Inside A Mice

Scientists are increasingly focusing on developing small human organs or organoid inside animals such as mice. In the latest research, scientists were able to develop human intestines inside mice with a fully functional immune system. 

Two Best places To A survive Nuclear Disaster

Nuclear disasters can evaporate humanity any time and scientists have been warning about it for the past several decades. A recent study found that Australia and New Zealand are the best places to survive a nuclear winter. A study published in the journal Risk Analysis mentioned that the two countries could provide enough food amid nuclear disaster.

Report Shows Russia Lost 1,688 Tanks In Ukraine

A recent report has revealed that Russia has lost 1,500 tanks since it invaded Ukraine last year. Putin miscalculated his invasion which he thought would take no more than one month. The Dutch monitoring group said that Russia invaded Ukraine with 3,000 tanks and has lost around 1,500 till this day.