January 31, 2023

US Building More Military Bases In Philippines

In an apparent effort to counter Chinese aggression, the US pushed for an agreement to build four new military facilities in the Philippines. The new military bases will give US military operations an extra edge against future Chinese aggressions against the US allies such as Japan, Taiwan and Philippines.

13% American Adults Are Addicted To Junk Food

The latest polls revealed that the American adult population is addicted to processed foods. The National Poll on Healthy Aging suggested that one out of every eighth adult American over 50 showed signs of addiction to junk food. Study focused on foods such as sweets, starchy items such as white bread, salty treats, fatty foods, and sugary drinks. 

Mysterious Case Of Scottish Man Missing For 30 Years

Peter McGuire, who went missing 30 years ago could be alive, according to police. He was 21 when he disappeared in the Scottish village of High Valleyfield. The police have not yet closed Peter’s case and the investigation is still open.