Antonia Bowring

Antonia Bowring, Ranked #6 Executive Coach in New York in 2021 by Influence Digest. Antonia Bowring prides herself on being a candid coach and serving as an objective sounding board to numerous executives and leaders internationally. Her goal is simple: help her clients to flourish more through greater self-awareness and behavior change.

BBC Helped Rescue Six Women Trapped Inside Refrigerated Van

BBC reported that they helped rescue six women who were allegedly trapped inside a refrigerated van. The women included 6 Vietnamese and 2 Iraqis were migrants who contacted the BBC in distress. The news agency alerted the police and helped them track the van, resulting in the arrest of the suspected driver.

Deadly Earthquake Kills More Than 1,000 in Morocco

A powerful earthquake of magnitude 6.8 shook Morocco, killing more than 800. The earthquake struck at 23:11 local time followed by aftershocks a few minutes after. The rescue teams are currently working around the country and the fatalities are expected to surpass 1,000.

US Air Force Engineer Stole $90,000 Worth Radio Equipment

The Pentagon has revealed that an Air Force engineer had taken critical radio communications equipment to his home. The engineer working at Arnold Air Force Base in Tennessee, compromised information about defense facilities including information regarding the FBI. The equipment was estimated to be around $90,000 which was later recovered by the FBI.

YouTube Bodybuilding Star ‘Joesthetics’ Dies At 30

Known by his YouTube name “Joesthetics”, Jo Lindner, has died at the age of 30. As per his girlfriend’s Instagram post, Lindner died from an aneurysm in Thailand. Nicha, his girlfriend, posted a photo of him pronouncing him dead and paid tribute to Lindner, describing him as sweet, kind, and hardworking.

NASA Shares Mesmerizing Photo Of Flower Grown In Space

NASA has shared a fascinating photo of a flower grown in the International Space Station that instantly went viral on social media. The image was shared by NASA on Instagram which said that the agency started growing the colorful zinnia flower back in 2015 and so far, the experiment has been a success.

Study Says AI Can Predict Pancreatic Cancer 3 Year Ahead

Scientists have been able to predict one of the most aggressive types of cancers by using AI tools. In an article published in Nature Medicine, researchers applied AI tools to worldwide cancer cases and were able to detect those at risk of pancreatic cancer in the future.

Scientists Are Using Oceans To Reverse Climate Change

Scientists have been working to reverse and mitigate the impact of climate change on the environment by using a wide range of techniques. Greenhouse gasses have skyrocketed in the last few decades and now scientists have started to use oceans to capture the huge amount of carbon dioxide in the air. 

North Korea Threatens War If US Shots Down Its Missile

North Korea has openly threatened the US with Consequences If the latter intercepted any of its missiles. North Korea has been regularly testing its long-range missile prompting condemnation from the US and its allies. Kim Jong’s sister Kim Yo Jong said in her statement that shooting down its rockets would be a declaration of war.