After Russia-Ukraine Conflict, China Has Decided To Take Hong Kong Back

After witnessing Russia’s attempt to take back one of its old territories, Ukraine, China has decided to follow its close friend and start implementing a strategy to take back Hong Kong.

China has appointed its former security chief as a new leader in Hong Kong to start having more influence and power over the region.

China & Hong Kong History

Hong Kong was first ruled by the Chinese during the Qin Dynasty in the third century B.C., and it was a part of the Chinese Empire for about 2,000 years.

Between 1842 and 1898, the British Empire gradually took control of the three main areas that make up modern-day Hong Kong: Hong Kong Island, the Kowloon Peninsula, and the New Territories.

The British Empire negotiated a deal with China to lease out Hong Kong for 99 year.

In 1987, the British and Chinese officials decided to come to an agreement to let Hong Kong be “free” for 50 years which is at least until 2047 before China could take full control and after the British completely left in 1997.

China Taking Over Hong Kong

Since the British left and agreed to leave Hong Kong independent for 50 year, China has tried everything to take over control of Hong Kong immediately.

As many protest in Hong Kong to keep China out for at least the end of the 50 year agreement, China has continued to ignore everything and do as they wish.

Now with the Russia’s attempt of take over of Ukraine and the lack of action from other countries and the UN, China is in a great position to go after Hong Kong and other territories like Taiwan.

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