El Paso Police Search For Shooting Suspect After Man With Gunshot Shows Up At Whataburger

El Paso Police Search For Shooting Suspect After Man

Guns and violence are not welcome in El Paso. A woman suspected of shooting a man is now wanted by police after she drove onto an outdoor golf course early Monday morning with his blood still on her hands.

At about 4 am, police responded to a call from someone with gunshot wounds at Whataburger restaurant near McRae Avenue. The shooting did not occur inside of the establishment but instead outside where one was seen sitting on their car hood while another person approached them before taking aim and firing several shots into each other’s head/body area.

Police are looking for a woman who shot and killed an armed man in the parking lot of one nearby golf course. The suspect’s vehicle was found on another, nearby public greenspace where it had driven onto Hawkins Boulevard near Montana Avenue.”

A woman on the run from police was seen in a nearby apartment complex. The suspect, who is still at large, led them through several buildings before escaping into one of its units- but not without leaving behind some clues that may help investigators find their target.

The police arrived at the scene and took one man to a hospital with what they said was not believed to be life-threatening injuries.

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