Humbl (OTCMKTS: HMBL) NFT auction gallery has a great future

Despite the recent tumble that we have seen with Humble Inc (HMBL 0.00 +0.00 +14.29%), We still strongly back our previous prediction of the company’s future.

Humbl is one of a kind company that aims to make instant global payments easy using blockchain technology. Currently, companies like PayPal(PYPL 67.00 +0.66 +0.99%) are not available in various countries throughout the world due to excessive liabilities but Humbl plans to change that and turn liablities into seamless transactions where everyone is protected.

Since our last update, the company has opened door to it’s NFT auction gallery & has received well praise from other industry leaders. This is one of a kind feature to be added on crypto fintech company.

As we predicted on our previous article, the support for Humbl was around .88 cents which it broke and went as low as .77 but, as of today, it’s showing signs of recovery, and is back to .84 cents.

Humble breaks’s its support of .88 cents

We pointed out in our last review of the company that Humbl’s company structure resembles closely to Alibaba. We still stand by our prediction that this company has a great long term future & a price target of about $25 within 2 years if it keeps up with the growth.

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Disclaimer: Please invest with your own research, We are not responsible for any gain/losses.

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