Is Humbl (OTCMKTS:HMBL) the next Alibaba?

Everyone was popping champagne when Humbl, Inc (HMBL 0.00 +0.00 +14.29%) was at $7 a pop but now everyone has been trash-talking since it dropped under $1 last market session.

Let’s revisit why we still think $HMBL is the next Alibaba(BABA 71.71 +0.05 +0.07%) , that’s right. Alibaba. A lot of people compare it with PayPal but Humble’s business structure leans more toward Alibaba vs PayPal.

Humbl Inc aims to make instant global payments easy using blockchain technology. Currently, companies like PayPal (PYPL 67.00 +0.66 +0.99%)are not available in various countries throughout the world due to excessive liabilities but Humbl plans to change that and turn liablities into seamless transactions where everyone is protected, this is going to open up doors for many people who want to take part in global commerce.

Humbl marketplace is also like no other, It will allow people to trade not only physical assets but also digital assets such as NFTs and allow artists to monetize. They also plan to be pioneers in ETX, ETX is like ETF but for digital assets.

Our take on HMBL is pretty bull. We see it as a long-term hold and see it crossing $25 within the next 2 years. For now, we think the stock’s bottom is around .80 cents, but instead of trying to make short-term profits, this stock belongs in your long-term assets.

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