Twitter CEO

Twitter Imposes Temporary Daily Limits On Reading Tweets

Twitter has imposed temporary restrictions on the number of tweets users can read. Thousands of people complained about the access to the platform after twitter limited the number of tweets unverified users can read to 1,000 per day. Elon Musk tweeted that only verified users will be able to view 10,000 posts per day.

Elon musk And Mark Zuckerberg To Hold UFC Cage Fight

The last thing the world could see is this, the CEOs of two giant tech companies have agreed to fight each other in a cage match. Both Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg agreed to hold a UFC cage fight after replying to each other on social media. The president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship also confirmed it and said he has talked to both of them and they are “dead serious”.

Elon Musk Looking For New Twitter CEO

The news may have come as a surprise to many, but surprisingly, the twitter CEO Elon Musk has said it himself. He talked about his retirement as twitter CEO by the end of this year. He just recently took over the social media giant and has already started looking for someone to look after the platform when he retires in late 2023.