Twitter Blue

Twitter Blue Tick Restored For High Profile Accounts

Twitter has restored blue ticks for many users with over millions of followers. Twitter removed blue ticks from high profile accounts recently accusing the users of not paying the due subscription fees to twitter. The accounts whose blue ticks were removed included the BBC, New York Times and some other celebrities too.

Elon Musk Fires 200 More Twitter Employees

In yet another round of Twitter layoffs, Twitter’s CEO Elon Musk has fired additional 200 employees. This is not the first time layoffs, but rather a continuation of the series of layoffs Musk has been doing since he took over. Further layoffs have reduced Twitter’s workforce by 10% out of the 2000 prior workforce.

Twitter Tests A New Feature After Elon Joins Company

On April 7th, 2022, Twitter announced that they will be rolling out this feature soon and have been testing it. This feature removes your handle from all tweets and stops you from being tagged in any replies or receiving any more alerts.