Andrew Tate Released From House Arrest in Romania

A Romanian court has finally ordered the release of controversial social media personality Andrew Tate from house arrest. The 36-year-old social media figure was taken into custody, along with his brother, in December 2022 by the Romanian law enforcement for allegations related to sexual assault, human trafficking, and forming a gang to exploit women.

Andrew Tate & Associates Charged With Human trafficking, Rape

Social media influencer Andrew Tate and his associates which includes his brother has been charged with human trafficking, rape and organizational crime against women. Tate brothers along with two other female suspects are expected to face trial for emotionally manipulating seven women.

Andrew Tate Says BBC Reporter is in Love With Him

The controversial social media influencer Andrew Tate has tweeted about his recent interview with the BBC. Andrew Tate said that Lucy Williamson, a BBC interviewer, fell in love with him because he could sense her obsession. The BBC interview went viral on social media that took place almost two weeks ago.

Andrew Tate Released From Jail After 4 Months

Andrew Tate and his brother have been released from the Romanian jail and placed under house arrest. The two brothers have been in jail since December when they were charged for human trafficking, organized crime and rape. The Romanian judge ruled that Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate be put under house arrest.

Andrew Starting $100M Charity For Falsely Accused Men

Andrew Tate, self-described misogynist, has vowed to establish a charity aiming to help men who are falsely accused. The social media influencer posted on twitter that will set up a $100 million charity for the vulnerable men facing false accusations.

Andrew Tate $4 Million Worth Assets Seized

After an arrest in Romania as a part of a criminal inquiry into alleged human trafficking, Romanian authorities have seized Andrew Tate’s assets worth $4 Million. The investigation has expanded since it started on 30th of December 2022. The former kickboxer has been running a crime organization, according to a Romanian police investigation. 

Andrew Tate Arrested For Rape And Human Trafficking

The famous Ex-America-British Kickboxer was arrested in a raid in Romania over human trafficking and rape allegations. Andrew along with his brother, Tristan, were arrested after the police raided their home in the Romanian capital. According to police officials, Andrew Tate was also running an organized crime group.