Andrew Starting $100M Charity For Falsely Accused Men

Andrew Tate, self-described misogynist, has vowed to establish a charity aiming to help men who are falsely accused. The social media influencer posted on twitter that will set up a $100 million charity for the vulnerable men facing false accusations.

Andrew Tate Denied Allegations

Andrew Tate since day one has denied the allegations for which he and his brother have been accused of. He was arrested from Romania over allegations of rape, human trafficking and forming an organised crime group. “In this system, innocent men return to ruined lives,” He wrote on February 1. The Romanian authorities confiscated $3.99 million worth of his assets last month.

Donate All You Have

His twitter posts were confronted with a barrage of mockery on social media. “Donate All You Have,” one woman replied. Apart from anti-Tate comments, thousands of men celebrated his decision of giving away $100 million to supporting falsely accused men. 

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