Chinese Tourists Have Accessed Sensitive US Military Sites

A report published by The Wall Street Journal mentioned that Chinese tourists have accessed sensitive military sites in the US. The Chinese tourists posed themselves as tourists, but the FBI thought they could be spies. The Chinese Embassy in Washington has rejected the accusations and said the US should abandon the Cold War mentality.

Biden Nominates First Woman To Head Pentagon Military Branch

President Joe Biden made a groundbreaking announcement on Friday by selecting Admiral Lisa Franchetti as his nominee to lead the Navy. This nomination marks a significant milestone as it represents the first time a woman has been chosen to head a military service branch within the Pentagon. Admiral Franchetti’s impressive background includes previous leadership roles as the head of the US 6th Fleet and US naval forces in South Korea.

More Than 800 UFOs Investigated, NASA Team Says

A group of scientists from NASA have revealed that they will have to look into more evidence to better understand the phenomenon of UFOs. The 16-members team was formed last year by NASA to investigate the possibility of UFOs independent of the Pentagon and US military. The panel said that more than 800 UFO reports were investigated but the agency required more data.

Russian Satellite Secretly Chasing US Military Satellite

A Russian satellite has been secretly chasing a US satellite for years now. The US deployed its military satellite USA-326 in August 2022, which has since then being targeted by the Russian spacecraft. The Russian spacecraft Kosmos-2558 has come closer to the US satellite and space observers think that Russian satellite is probably stalking.

FBI Arrests Suspect That Leaked Top Secret Documents

The FBI issued a statement announcing the arrest of Jack Douglas Teixeira, aged 21, for his suspected role in the unauthorized disclosure of intelligence documents. The Pentagon and the Justice department initiated a criminal investigation into the leaks within days as they couldn’t believe how the secret documents were leaked.