US Military Raid Kills Key IS Leader In Somalia

A US military operation has eliminated a key IS leader in northern Somalia. A military raid was carried out after the approval of the US president Joe Biden. The IS leader Bilal Al-Sudani was responsible for supporting the terrorist network in northern Africa and Afghanistan, according to the military experts.

Pentagon Received 366 UFO Sighting Reports

Although the pentagon categorically rejected any evidence of aliens ever visiting our planet, a new report has mentioned that 366 new unidentified objects were reported recently. Total of UFO reports has risen to 510 with 144 previously reported objects.

Pentagon UFO Report Denies Alien Activity On Earth

The latest report by the Pentagon has denied any alien activity on earth so far. Although the report has yet to answer the most puzzling questions, it has categorically denied any evidence of alien activity on earth. 

US Airforce Unveils New B-21 Nuclear Bomber

US Air Force has revealed its new high tech stealth B-21 Nuclear bomber. The brand-new bomber costs close to $700 million each and be equipped to carry both nuclear and conventional missiles. The Air force has not disclosed any further information about the specifications of the new bomber.

Pentagon Officially Started Looking For UFOs

Pentagon is soon opening a new section dedicated exclusively to investigate UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) sightings according to a statement released by the US Department of Defense. The new section will collect, analyze and conclude all the data gathered from all the branches of DOD including the Army, Navy, and Air force.