US Sends More Warships To Protect Israel From Iran

The US military has sent more warships to protect Israel from its arch rival Iran amid tensions that a regional war could erupt in the Middle East.

The moves amid speculations that the Iranian military could respond to Israel’s aggression that killed top Iranian commanders in the Syrian consulate.

US officials told the Washington Post that the Pentagon was beefing up Israel’s security without elaborating which vessels or aircraft are involved.

Iranian Attack is Imminent

US officials on condition of anonymity told the WP that a potential Iran response is imminent at the moment.

“U.S. officials have not said whether the potential retaliation would come from Iran directly or from an Iran-backed group,” the paper wrote.

Biden Says Don’t

US President Joe Biden replied “Don’t!” when he was asked what message he would give to Iran.

Biden has retreated on multiple occasions that the US will come for Israel’s aid if it was attacked by Iran.

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