Microsoft Says Chinese Hackers Attacked US Infrastructure

Microsoft has accused the Chinese state-sponsored hackers of attacking critical infrastructure in the United States. A Chinese group of hackers had been spying on key infrastructure based in the US and other US territories in Guam which mostly has military bases.

Meta Fined $1.3 Billion For Mishandling Users Data

Facebook’s parent company, Meta, was fined $1.3 billion for mishandling the data of its users. The hefty fine was imposed by Ireland’s Data Protection Commission, which is responsible for regulating Meta across Europe. The Irish supervisory authority has also ordered Meta to suspend the movement of user data from the EU to the US, although transfer is not immediate.

The Hidden Secrets of the UK’s Most Classified RAF Airbase

We’ve heard of Area 51 in the US but this secret airbase in the UK has a lot more to reveal. One can easily spot it instantly while flying between Harrogate and Skipton in North Yorkshire. The airbase is known to have been running highly classified activities kept in the dark from the public eye.