The Hidden Secrets of the UK’s Most Classified RAF Airbase

We’ve heard of Area 51 in the US but this secret airbase in the UK has a lot more to reveal. One can easily spot it instantly while flying between Harrogate and Skipton in North Yorkshire. The airbase is known to have been running highly classified activities kept in the dark from the public eye.

Joint US-UK Base?

The highly classified RAF Menwith Hill, established in 1954, was designed to serve as a “communication intercept and intelligence support service” for both the United Kingdom and the United States. As reported by The Intercept, this site holds the distinction of being the largest foreign surveillance base operated by the US National Security Agency. Although officially owned by the Ministry of Defense, the land is made accessible to the US through the NATO Status of Forces Agreement of 1951.

Nicknamed ‘Golf Balls’ Due To Massive White Domes

Largest Electronic Monitoring Station

This 650 acres of land is considered to be the world’s largest electronic monitoring station in the world, where most of the activities are executed by the US intelligence agencies. According to Yorkshire Live, in 2015, the area even had schools for the kids of the employees that worked there, as well as bars, restaurants and shops.

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