Joe Biden

Biden Nominates First Woman To Head Pentagon Military Branch

President Joe Biden made a groundbreaking announcement on Friday by selecting Admiral Lisa Franchetti as his nominee to lead the Navy. This nomination marks a significant milestone as it represents the first time a woman has been chosen to head a military service branch within the Pentagon. Admiral Franchetti’s impressive background includes previous leadership roles as the head of the US 6th Fleet and US naval forces in South Korea.

Report Says Biden Angrily Yells, Curses Staff in Private

According to a report by Axios, President Joe Biden has a reputation for expressing frustration and anger in private, often using strong language while addressing his staff. The report highlights instances where the president has been heard reprimanding his staff with statements like, ‘God dammit, how the f*#k don’t you know this? and Don’t f***king bullsh*t me.

Joe Biden Falls On Stage At US Air Force Ceremony

The US President Joe Biden fell on stage and then quickly recovered as he moved towards his seat. After handing over the graduation diploma to one of the Air Force graduates, he fell to the ground and was helped by three people.

Experts Worry Deep Fakes Could Threaten 2024 US Elections

Deep Fakes have been threatening elections around the world including the recent Turkish elections. Now experts have started to worry about the upcoming 2024 US elections as they think Deep Fakes could spread disinformation and disrupt the electoral process. Darrell West, from Brookings Institution’s Center for Technology Innovation, said both the supporters of Trump and Biden are going to use AI to mislead the public.

Joe Biden Says Relations With China Set To Improve

US President Joe Biden has hinted at improvement in relationship with China in the meeting of seven biggest liberal economies. In the G-7 summit, Biden responded to a question saying that Relations with China were expected to improve but due to the spy balloon incidents, things couldn’t go any further and everything fell apart.

President Biden Announces 2024 Re-Election Campaign

Joe Biden has announced that he will be running for the 2024 presidential elections. In a video, Joe Biden announced that he will be fighting to make all the Americans get their due freedoms and fight against Republican extremism. 

Joe Biden To Sign Executive Order To Strengthen Gun Control

US President Joe Biden is set to sign an executive order to increase the number of background checks to strengthen gun control. Although the majority of US citizens have consistently urged policymakers to curb gun violence, the legislation is unlikely to take place. The executive order will increase checks before firearms are sold.

Joe Biden Removed Cancerous Skin Tissue Last Month

The physician of US president Joe Biden revealed that they had removed a cancerous lesion last month. The cancerous skin was removed successfully from his chest region. The lesion, basal cell carcinoma, was detected during a routine health check-up of the US president. Dr. Kevin O’Connor said that the cancer cells were removed and there was nothing to worry about.