Australian Scientists Using Fungi To Build Fire-Resistant Roofs

Australian scientists have been able to develop techniques to use fungi-based rooftops to resist wildfires. Wildfires devastate large swathes of land destroying homes and are becoming a recurring phenomenon due to climate change. Scientists are increasingly interested in coming up with sustainable solutions to the climate crisis that threaten millions around the world.

Home Fire In Refugee Camp Kills 21 In Gaza

In the north of Gaza city, a fire that erupted in a home killed 21 people including 9 children. So far the hospital nearby has received the bodies of seven children and a search is going on for the remaining dead bodies. The fire erupted in a refugee camp, Jabalia, which also has large buildings such as these.

Russia: A Fire In A Cafe Killed 15 People

A fire that was caused by a flare gun killed 15 people in the Russian city of Kostroma. According to the local authorities, a fire erupted after individuals in the cafe used a flare gun in a minor dispute. The city of Kostroma is home to 270,000 people.