Russia: A Fire In A Cafe Killed 15 People

A fire that was caused by a flare gun killed 15 people in the Russian city of Kostroma. According to the local authorities, a fire erupted after individuals in the cafe used a flare gun in a minor dispute. The city of Kostroma is home to 270,000 people.

Cafe Completely Destroyed

The cafe was being used as a cafe, nightclub, and bar simultaneously. The fire caused the roof of the cafe to collapse as the fire engulfed the entire building completely tearing it down to the ground. Rescuers reached the scene and evacuated more than 250 people. Police are searching for the one who used the flare gun as it has caused a huge loss and killed 15 people. 

Firefighters Work To Extinguish The Fire

Not The First Time

This is not the first time that a large number of people have died in an accident in Russia. In 2009, a similar fire, caused by fireworks, killed 150 people in a nightclub in the city of Perm. 

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