Australian Police Officer Tasered 95-Year-Old Woman

The police department has initiated an inquiry into a police officer who fired a Taser at a 95-year-old woman in New South Wales, Australia. The police officers were called off and an investigation was set into motion to inquire about what had really happened.

Wine & Sweets Saved Woman Lost in Australian Forest

An Australian woman was found after being lost in the forest for five days. The authorities discovered a single wine bottle which helped her survive for five days in Australian bushes. The 48-year-old Lillian Ip was traveling alone in the dense forest in Victoria state.

TikTok Launching Ads With 50% Revenue Share For The Creators

TikTok has said that they are launching a new feature which will allow the creators to show ads on their content to generate revenue. The Pulse Premiere will be launched on 4th of May and will allow advertisers to show ads in the top 4% of the content on the platform.

Scientists Say Blue Eyed Humans Have Common Ancestor

Blue eyes are rare as blue eyed humans constitute only 8% of earth’s population, which is fascinating and scary at the same time. A scientific study revealed another fun fact about blue eyed humans, which is that they all have a common ancestor.

CCTV Footage Shows Woman Being Kidnapped Off NYC Street

An unidentified man was seen kidnapping a young lady off the streets of New York City. The woman in her twenties was picked up by a man driving a Toyota minivan, footage released by the police showed. The suspect parked his car nearby and approached his victim, picking her up in his arms and headed north on Stillwell. 

$15 Million Worth Of Gold Stolen From Canadian Airport

A massive gold heist occurred inside the cargo holding facility at Toronto Pearson International Airport. According to the Police, gold and some other valuable items worth $15 million were stolen when an aircraft carrying them went inside the cargo facility.

Chinese Warplanes Flies Around Taiwan Amid Soaring Tensions

The Chinese warplanes and naval ships have encircled Taiwan on the second day of military drills. China’s People Liberation Army sent 70 warplanes to the self-ruled island’s aerial defensive zone. The United States has urged China to restraint from its aggressive behavior as the US continues to monitor the situation.

Trump Will Surrender To Court On Tuesday, Lawyer Says

Former President is likely to be arrested in the coming week after he was indicted by the Manhattan jury. Trump was charged after years long investigation into the hush money he paid to the adult actress just before the 2016 election campaign. 

Expert Cautions Why You Shouldn’t Sit With Your Legs Crossed

We may not have noticed because of the comfort, but sitting crossed legs can have hidden consequences. Researchers from two South Korean universities concluded that sitting crossed legs can cause blood flow restriction, misalignment of the spine and shoulders.

Storms wreck Parts Of US, Leaving 400k Without Power

Storms and flooding have caused power outages in the US, leaving more than 400k without power. Parts of New York and Massachusetts received up to three feet of snow, leaving 189,492 customers in California without power. 

Russian Fighter Jet Destroys US Drone Over Black Sea

Two Russian Su-27 fighter jets struck the US MQ-9 Reaper drone over the black sea. Russian fighter jets intercepted the US drone flying in international airspace, forcing it down into the black sea. Russian jets landed on an airbase in Crimea, which Russia took over in 2014.