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Car submerged in heavy rain in NYC

New York City Declares Emergency After Heavy Rain

Heavy rains have flooded New York City with roads and subways entirely blocked. The city’s governor imposed a state of emergency and urged citizens to stay indoors to avoid casualties. The rain started pouring intensely after 7 am but the situation has calmed down slightly, authorities said. 

Artist Who Submitted Empty Artwork Told To Repay Funds

A Danish court has ordered an artist to repay the funding after he presented empty frames as artwork. The court ordered the artist named Jens Haaning to repay £61,500 which the museum provided for the artwork. The Kunsten Museum of Modern Art in Denmark took legal action when the artist declined to repay the funds. 

Japan PM Eat Fukushima Fish To Show It’s Safe To Eat

The Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and three of his cabinet members were seen enjoying lunch on Wednesday. The lunch meeting was an obvious effort to ease the rift between the government and the people over nuclear wastewater.

Israel Rejects First Ever Saudi Envoy To Palestine

Israel has categorically said that any attempt to open diplomatic representation to Palestine. Much has been happening behind the closed doors between the US and Saudi Arabia to shape the geopolitics of the Middle East. Meanwhile, Saudi recently appointed Nayef bin Bandar Al-Sudairi as an ambassador to the Palestinians and consul-general in Jerusalem.

Maui Island Becomes A Ghost-Town As Death Toll Jumps To 80

Death toll from the wildfires on the Hawaiian island of Maui jumped to 80, as per the latest reports. Wildfire authorities are still shocked at the rapid devastation caused by the wildfires in a short span of time on the island. The death toll is expected to rise further as the fires are still blazing in multiple places.

Tesla Appoints Indian-Origin Vaibhav Taneja As CFO

Tesla’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) has stepped down paving the way for the Indian-origin Vaibhav Taneja to become the new CFO. Zachary Kirkhorn stepped down after spending 13 years with the company including 4 years as CFO.

Elon Musk Is Destroying Twitter, Ex-Twitter Employee Says

Ex-twitter employee Esther Crawford has said that Elon Musk is destroying twitter after he rebranded the platform recently. Crawford, the product manager, went viral for her photo last year when she slept at twitter office to show her hard work. Crawford has come out as a critic of the new changes Musk has introduced in the platform after she was fired in February.

US Records Over 400 Mass Shootings in 2023, Data Shows

Over 400 mass shootings have occurred in 2023 alone, according to a website that tracks firearms related deaths and violence. Just the past weekend, 9 mass shootings were recorded that killed 3 people and injured more than 30, according to Gun Violence Archive. 2023 is expected to surpass 2019 and 2021 in terms of mass shootings, a record without any meaningful legislation in sight.

Australia Gives Twtiter 28 Days To Clean Up Hate Speech

The Australian cyber watchdog has given 28 days ultimatum to twitter to clean up its platform from hate speech. The Australian internet safety watchdog wanted the platform to respond to multiple complaints filed against it or face a penalty of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Mysterious Rocket Engine Found Off The Irish Coast

The origin of the rocket engine caught by fishermen is still shrouded in mystery. The Virgin Orbit, which was believed to own the engine, said it didn’t belong to them as the features didn’t match any of their systems. The rocket engine was discovered by Union Hall fishermen back in February but has not been claimed by anyone.