Saudi Arabia To Grant Citizenships To Scientists & Researchers

Saudi Arabia has approved the granting of citizenship to scientists, doctors, researchers, entrepreneurs, and other individuals with rare skills and specializations, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

The decision, announced through a royal decree, is aimed at attracting talented professionals in medical, scientific, cultural, sports, and technical fields as part of the kingdom’s Vision 2030. 

Saudi Arabia Pursuing Vision 2030

The initiative is designed to create an attractive environment for investing in human capital and skilled labor, with the goal of bolstering Saudi Arabia’s global standing.

This recent move follows a similar initiative from December 2021, where Saudi leadership granted citizenship to notable individuals in these fields.

The latest announcement aligns with the de-facto Saudi ruler Muhammad Bin Salman’s vision 2030 to diversify and transition the economy away from fossil fuels.

Bin Salman has made revolutionary changes to Saudi’s society to attain the status of “next Europe”.

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